Use of Club Facilities

1. Use of club by children and guest under the age of 21

A. It shall be the responsibility of each Member to ensure that the use of the Club facilities by their children and guests under the age of twenty-one (21) is properly supervised by the Member or spouse of the Member to ensure the safety of the activity of the Members and their guests and to prevent damage to the Club facility. No person under the age of twenty-one (21) shall be permitted to use the Club facility without direct supervision by the Member and/or Members’ spouse between the hours of 9pm and 8am (April 1st - October 31st) and 6pm and 8am (November 1st - March 31st). The Member shall be responsible for and hold the Club harmless from any injury to persons or damages to the club facilities arising from the use of the Club facilities by any Member’s children or guests. The Member shall likewise be responsible for any costs associated with clean up or extraordinary maintenance arising from such use. The Club specifically prohibits the use of the facility for any under age drinking or illegal drug use. Junior Members as defined by the By-Laws shall have the right to use the facility as full Members. Any damage to the facility arising from the Junior Members and their Guest’s use of Club facilities shall be the responsibility of both the Junior Members as well as the Member.

B. In addition to the aforementioned damages, the Member and/or Junior Member whose children or guests violate this policy may be fined up to One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00) for the first offense and may have their membership suspended, or terminated and expelled, by action of the Board of Directors, for the second offense.

2. Smoking policy at FLYC:

a. Smoking is permitted at the Club. Smokers and non-smokers should be tolerant of each other, and smokers should remember that smoke can cause respiratory problems for non-smokers and the odor can be offensive.
b. Cigar and pipe smoking are not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time or under the Rooster Shed when non-smoking members are present.
c. The Clubhouse is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted inside the clubhouse. Outside there is no restriction on cigarette smoking except that dictated by consideration of others.

3. All pets must be kept on a leash at all times.

4. Rental of the Clubhouse

a. The clubhouse dining room, serving area and outside patio are available to members in good standing on a first come, first serve basis, provided the Club has no scheduled functions. The Rooster Shed/Dock is not included and cannot be rented for private use. All requests for rental must be made through the Club Manager, who will coordinate the rental request with the House and Grounds Committee and the Entertainment Committee Chairs prior to granting approval. The member reserving the Clubhouse must be present at the function. Costs associated with the Clubhouse rental are to defray the costs of cursory cleaning of the facility and preparing the facility for the next day's events. The maximum number of persons is limited to 75, unless prior approval is obtained from the Board of Directors. The fee includes the Clubhouse and use of all rental facilities including glasses, china and silverware. Linens and special table set-ups are not included in the rental fee.
b. The rental rate is $100.00 per event, per day/night if the event is for the benefit of a member of the Club Member's immediate family. This would include occasions such as a family members birthday, wedding reception, shower, anniversary or miscellaneous social gathering.

c. The rental rate is $250.00 per event, per day/night for all other Clubhouse uses. This includes any of the above events or social gatherings in honor of a friend of the Club Member, or a non-profit organization. FLYC facilities are not to be used for commercial or political activities.

d. Weekend (Friday-Sunday) rentals are not permitted from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend or on U.T. Vols football game days (home or away)

e. The upstairs bar and balcony area facilities are permanently reserved for Members and their guests. Should this area be used to accommodate any rental overflow, it is understood that members may also use this area at the same time.

f. Members using the Club facilities must:
1. Clean and return facilities to the nearly original condition. In order to assure this, reserving member must use the cleaning service provided by the club. The cleaning service will bill the reserving member for the charges.
2. Return the area to its proper condition and return tables, chairs, grills, etc. to their original location.

3. Dispose of food, trash and waste in the proper location.

4. Do not leave food in the Club refrigerator. Any food left in the Club refrigerator or other facilities will be disposed of.

5. Should the reserving member or beneficiary of the rental use glassware, dishes, and silverware, it is anticipated they will scrape, clean and stack them in appropriate area. Damages, of course, will be passed on to the reserving member.
g. All cancellations must be made seven days prior to the scheduled function with all expenses incurred by the Club in preparation for the event becoming the responsibility of the sponsoring member.



Docking Regulations
1. It is the responsibility of the member to ensure that their boat(s), slip(s) or boathouse(s) are securely tied to Club facilities. The Fort Loudoun Yacht Club is not responsible for loss or damage to boats, slips or boathouses, or damages caused by them to other boats or property.

2. The Dock Committee and Club Manager will assign space to boat owners and will make any necessary adjustments. Safety issues or expansion of Club facilities, when approved by the Board of Directors, may occasionally require the Club to relocate boat slips or boathouses. If it is not an emergency situation, reasonable notice to affected members will be attempted.

3. The Dock Committee is responsible for the service dock and all floating docks belonging to the club. The service dock shall be kept free at all times except to take on fuel or pump out waste holding tanks.

4. No sub-leasing of Club-owned slips or transferring of boats between Club-owned slips, may occur without written approval of the FLYC Board of Directors.

5. No semi- or permanent storage of boats or trailers on the grounds of Fort Loudoun Yacht Club is permitted. Small boats(Sea Doo, dinghy, water toys, etc) maybe stored temporarily on the docs with prior permission from the Commodore or Board of Directors.
6. Dockage fees for boats at the rooster dock for members and transient members of other yacht clubs, with reciprocal priviledges of FLYC are as follows: NOTE any member or non member leaving their boat at the Rooster Dock for more than 14 days will be charged $5 per foot per day. Once a boat has been at the Rooster Dock for more than 14 days and then departs, the fee will remain $5 per foot if the boat returns to the Rooster Dock. Any variation of these fees must be approved by the Board of Directors in advance:

Members: From 8:00 AM Monday until 8:00 AM Friday, a charge of $8.00 per day per vessel (including personal watercraft), for docking and the use of one 30 amp power cord. Vessels using two or more 30 amp, or one 50 amp electrical service cords will be charged $12.00 per day. Vessels using two or more 50 amp electrical service cords will be charged $16.00 per day. Fees will be charged 7 days a week, whether electrical cord(s) is used or not. No charge will be made from 8:00 AM Friday until 8:00 AM Monday.

Transient Dockage: Only members of Yacht Clubs with reciprocal privileges may use dock facilities at FLYC. The following charges will apply for transient dockage:

a. Member of Tennessee River Yacht Clubs: No dockage charge will be levied except during University of Tennessee football season.

During football season, members of the Tennessee River Yacht Clubs will be charged $5 per day per vessel "including personal watercraft" , for the use of one 30amp cord. Vessels using two or more 30 amp, or, one 50 amp electrical service will be charged $8 per day. Vessel using two or more 50 amp serivce cords will be charged $16 per day. Fees will be charged 7 days a week, whether electrical cords is used or not.

b. Transient members of other Yacht Clubs with reciprocal privileges: Dockage fee for transient non FLYC members is $30 per day (except for CYC members).

Prospective  member  docking accomodations:
    1. Perspective member must submit completed application, properly sponsored with appropriate fees, to the membership chairman.
    2. The Treasurer and Bookkeeper will open a billing account for the prospective member to pay for dockage and for attendance at the required social functions. His/Her credit card must be on file.
    3. The Board of Directors must approve the tempoary dockage of the boat, and it will normally be docked at the Rooster/Chicken Dock until membership is approved. If the prospective members boat is too large, to safely dock at the Rooster/Chicken Dock, it may, with the Board of Directors, Exectutice Committee approval, be docked elsewhere in a club owned owned, privately owned slip, or boat house.
    4. There must be a slip or boat house available for the prospective member to move the boat to move the boat into after the prospective member is approved for full membership. If no slip or boat house of the proper size to accomodate is available, temporary dockage on the Rooster Dock will not be approved by the Board of Directors.
    5. The prospective member will pay dockage fee for the Rooster Dock for the full amount as a full member.
    6. A current insurance policy document covering the boat and then liability for damage to the club facilities must be submitted prior to the dockage of the boat.
    7. Prospective member is not permitted to use club facilities except for attendance at required social functions, and going to or from the boat. The pool, club house, fuel dock, etc., are not available until membership is approved.
    8. If the prospective members application for membership is disapproved, the boat be removed from FLYC property within 48 hours.
7. Each member or owner will be held responsible for damage which he/she may cause to other boats, slips or boathouses or for any damage to the Club's facilities.

8. All boats are required to have a club member, or a member of the immediate family present when the boat is being operated from Club docks, slips, boathouses, etc. Members are allowed to have paid captains, but paid captains are not allowed use of club facilities for entertainment. Visiting or transient boats cannot dock at the Club facilities unless they are from an approved, reciprocal yacht club, or have prior approval of the FLYC Board of Directors. In this latter case, a FLYC member must be present when visiting or transient boaters embark or disembark at FLYC dock facilities.

9. It is the responsibility of the owner or owners of a boathouse or condominium to connect to the permanent dock and maintain their walk-ways.

10. A common roof condominium, boat slip or dock will be subject to the same rules and regulations as a boathouse.

11. Boathouse owners are responsible for all electrical connections in their houses and must meet national electrical code standards. An annual inspection will be made and recommendations presented to the Board of Directors.

12. Boathouses, boat slips and docks will be inspected by the dock committee to determine adherence to rules of safety and appearance, with recommendations for corrective action to be made to the Board of Directors. Failure to follow these rules and appearance standards will result in the owner being notified by the Board of Directors to correct the deficiencies. Failure to initiate repairs within 30 days may result in the club having the repairs completed with the cost assessed to the owner's (member's) account.

13. Each member docking a boat shall furnish evidence of comprehensive liability insurance coverage; minimum coverage of 100/300,000 dollars is required. A standard "Certificate of Insurance" form must be on file in the Club office.

14. No fishing is allowed from the finger docks, Rooster Docks, fuel docks, or from walkways between the fuel docks and finger docks.

15. No swimming is allowed in the harbor.

16. Watch your wake while in the harbor, especially while entering or leaving the entrance at the main channel.

17. Used Oil, filters, batteries, building materials, etc.:
Used oil and filters should be discarded in the proper receptacles provided by the Club for that purpose. All old batteries, construction or maintenance materials, etc., that are not appropriate for placement in Club receptacles must be removed from Club premises.

18. Use of gas or charcoal grills on boats while docked or on docks is prohibited.

19. Mechanics and workmen at the Club:
Mechanics, workmen, and maintenance personnel are to sign in and out at the Club office.

20. "FOR SALE" signs:
No "FOR SALE" signs may be placed on boats or other property at the Club facility. A bulletin board for this purpose is available at the Rooster Shed.

21. It is the responsibility of each boat owner to ensure that their boat is maintained in a safe and seaworthy manner. Boats that are not maintained to a safe and seaworthy standard could result in a fire, sinking, or other mishap, thereby causing severe damage to other boats, private property, or FLYC facilities. It could also result in bodily injury. It could also cause Club insurance rates to increase or be cancelled.
Members who keep boats at FLYC must ensure that their boat is prepared at all times to pass a safety inspection. If the Board of Directors is made aware of a boat in the FLYC facility that appears to be unsafe or not seaworthy, the FLYC Board, or the Commodore, may require that boat to undergo a Vessel Safety Inspection by either the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary or the U.S. Power Squadron. After that inspection, owners will be required to provide the Board, or the Commodore, with the inspection results. Owners of boats determined to be in unsafe condition will be required to take immediate action to bring the boat to a safe, seaworthy condition, or remove the boat from FLYC property.



Swimming Pool Rules
1. Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty.
2. No swimming alone.
3. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
4. Guests must be accompanied by a member.
5. No glass in pool area.
6. No running, diving or horseplay.
7. No pets allowed.
8. Pool hours as set by the FLYC Board of Directors and posted at the pool.
9. Children in diapers are REQUIRED to wear swimming type diapers in the pool by order of the Health Department.